About Us

Spencer Recovery Centers drug rehab is located in the beautiful coastal city of Laguna Beach, California. We also have low cost treatment options at our Palm Springs and Florida facilities. We have been successfully helping people recover from the use of drugs and alcohol for over twenty-six years.

The vision of Spencer Recovery Centers is to have a treatment program with a unique atmosphere and a comfortable setting so that clients can associate positive feelings with sobriety. After two and a half decades as an industry leader Spencer has developed a top notch treatment program with an exceptional team of professionals to aid you on your road to recovery.

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Spencer Recovery Centers offers a broad range of treatment options, accommodations and specialized treatment tracks. Our main focus is to design a treatment program that caters to each patient and their needs.

All patients at Spencer Recovery Centers receive intensive group therapy sessions, relapse prevention, drug/alcohol education, family therapy, individual therapy sessions, nutrition counseling and a physical exam. Follow up care and extended care is also offered.

Our treatment program is designed to help a person achieve the following:

  1. Establishing long/short term goals
  2. Mental stability
  3. Emotional Growth
  4. Spiritual growth and well being
  5. Engage in twelve step work
  6. Learn how to live a clean and sober life
  7. Learn how to enjoy yourself in sobriety
  8. Establish a sober support system
  9. Nutrition/fitness/healthy lifestyle
  10. Make plans for a healthy and safe transition back into everyday life (extended care, outpatient, Twelve Step Meetings, sober living environment)

Telephone: (800) 334-0394 – 24 Hours/Day

Treatment at Spencer Recovery Centers is covered by most insurance & financing is also available. Call today to find out if you can get approved within minutes!