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We accept insurance. Clients have experienced the most success with our 3-month treatment program, followed by an extended care internship. Given that personal lives and obligations do not always allow clients to schedule a 3-month stay, Spencer Recovery Center can design customized treatment programs based on the amount of time available. 

A helpful overview of the most effective programs we offer:

Month 1

  • 12-Step Meetings per day
  • Meals daily
  • Snacks daily
  • Process Groups every day
  • Educational Groups
  • Exercise program 5 days per week
  • Guided Beach Walks
  • Guided Store Access (if needed)
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
(With health insurance, out-of-pocket expenses are more than likely to be a small fraction of this amount.)

Months 2 & 3

  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Meals daily
  • Snacks daily
  • Process Groups
  • Exercise Program
  • Community Integration Program
  • Volunteer Program/Job skills
  • Assistance integrating with outside 12-Step Support systems (going to meetings, connecting with a sponsor)
  • Individual Counseling Sessions

Additional Costs:


If you require medically assisted detoxification, there is an additional fee. Opiate detoxification is normally treated with Suboxone.

Psych Track 

Upon entering the facility, you will receive an evaluation to determine whether underlying psychological issues are affecting your alcohol / drug problem. If it is determined that this is the case, you will be recommended for the Psych Track. The Psych Track includes evaluations and a package of additional individual therapy session with a licensed therapist or a psychiatrist. 

Trauma Therapy 

Our therapists help patients coping with PTSD learn how to cope with PTSD flashbacks. Patients learn PTSD coping skills, PTSD coping strategies, and mindfulness techniques. Spencer Recovery Center conducts group therapy and may utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy if requested. EMDR therapy for PTSD combines substance abuse counseling with treatment for past trauma and related symptoms. 

 One-Year Boarding Program with Addictions Counselor Certification

 Many successful Spencer clients entertain the idea of helping people in the future as a career. Spencer Recovery Center has a satellite program that allows clients to gain career skills and certification while residing in a structured sober environment and gaining the experience needed to qualify to become a certified addictions counselor. The One-Year Boarding Program with Addictions Counselor Certification includes room, board, food, the internship hours and educational credits needed, as well as assistance with completing an application portfolio to prepare for the Addictions Counselor Certificate. This program is an additional $3,000 extra per month. Clients are eligible to enter this program after completing one month of Extended Care.

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